Friday, January 7, 2011

What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) ?

In a long run, most of the traffic (visitors) of any website or blog comes from search engines like Google. If a person is looking for something specific on internet, he goes to Google and write its description. For example, if I am looking for hindi poems, I will go to a popular search engine (mostly 'Google' !) and write something like 'hindi poems, or 'poems in hindi', or 'hindi kavita ', or 'हिंदी की कविताएँ' or something similar. 

These phrases are called queries or 'keywords'. When a search keyword(s) is googled, Google searches its entire database and displays the most popular results on its first (front) page. The person will then look at the results, and if he finds any of them interesting enough, he will visit that website or blog. What it means is that, if our website or blog  is listed in those top ten results for that particular query, they stand a better chance to find a reader.

There is a particular procedure for making our site popular in Google, so that it shows our site in top 10 results. This procedure is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO),i.e., optimizing or making our site's content in such a way, that Google rates it higher in its search results.

I have observed that not many people here have any idea about SEO, and they heavily rely on blog aggregators like Chitthajagat or Indli for increasing their readership (Though this too comes under SEO process only !). This blog is an effort to help them finding readers directly from search engines, so that they don't have to depend on  any thing in particular.

And on a personal note :
जिंदगी एक शगल है,
कई चीज़ों में दखल है ;)

So, experimenting or 'karoing ungli' with stuff is one of my hobbies, and  all these results are based on my own experiments, that I did on my fizool blog ;)

More to follow... Cheers !